How you can help

By becoming a Friend of St Andrew's Church

Although most of the initial clearance work has been completed, ongoing maintenance, both in the churchyard and in the church, will need a constant supply of labour. So if you have the time and energy to spare and would like to join our informal and amiable group of Friends please contact us.

Not everyone is physically able, or has the time, to assist with the practical work being undertaken but the membership scheme will enable all, from the youngest to the eldest, from both the local community and from the wider area, to feel they are making an effort to conserve the historic structure which has for centuries been a prominent and valued local landmark.

We offer three types of membership:

  • Individual (10 per year)
  • Concessionary (5 per year), for those receiving some kind of state benefit
  • Family (15 per year) for two adults and any number of children

Members will be able to attend the Friends meetings to be held four times each year and will be kept informed of news, progress and events through a quarterly newsletter. Additionally, members will receive priority for the Friends Group's planned programme of social events and promotions.

Money raised through the membership scheme and other fundraising events will be used to support the voluntary work and activities of Friends Group and to purchase materials for the programme of small works it will be undertaking. When feasible excess revenue will be used to establish an endowment fund for the building.

By supporting the work of the Friends of Friendless Churches

You may wish to join the Friends of Friendless Churches. You can join online here.

By making a donation via our a Just Giving page